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Out of Lessons Kite HIre

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As a Kitevibe student you might want to practice on a kite in between lessons so as to build up your confidence before attempting a traction course like kite landboarding or kite buggying.

Now you can hire kites from us in between your lessons with out having to buy a kite of your own.

Good kite flying technique is very important and can easily account for 80% of later success on a landboard or kite buggy. The more relaxed you are with a power kite, the more confident you will feel when it comes kite boarding or buggying.

How Does It Work?

As with all our lessons, kites need to be booked and paid for in advance so as to guarantee their availability. Once we have agreed on a suitable date you will be able to pick up your kite from us at the Richmond Park flying site.

Please note: Kites can only be hired out on days when other lessons are taking place and should only be flown in the designated flying area in Richmond Park. This way, there will always be an instructor on hand to watch over you should you run into any difficulty.

Obviously for safety considerations, this kite rental service is only available to those who have already attended a 4 line lesson with kitevibe.

Which Kind of KIte?

So as to make things easier you will be using the same kite you used on your previous course (a 4 line 3.5m Ozone Imp Quattro). If you should have a different kind of kite requirement please contact us before booking.

Included in your kite hire :

  :  3.0m Ozone Flow kite
  :  Safety helmet
  :  Knee pads
  :  Elbow pads
  :  Kite Killer wrist straps
  :  Plastic ground stake

Please note: Safety gear is also supplied as standard with your kite hire and should be used in conjunction with the kite for your own safety. All of the above equipment will be checked prior to and after your kiting session so as to ensure good working order and no signs of wear and tear.

Please follow the link below to familiarise yourself the terms and conditions of our hire service.

  :  See Terms and Conditions of Hire

Booking Your Kite

Prior Experience: 4 Line Kiting Course*
Minimum age: 10 or above**
Cost: £30.00 per hour
Availability: Weekdays/weekends

Once you have contacted us to arrange a date please enter below how long you would like to hire your kite for:

Number of Hours

  :  Refund Policy

Credit cards

Terms and Conditions of Hire


* minimum completion beforehand

** Please note: children (10-18yrs old) must be supervised by a parent or guardian whilst they are flying their kite.

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